Issue: Animation - Aug 23, 2004


DENVER, CO - Citizen Pictures ( recently completed production and post on a new television spot for Dish Network that promotes its PocketDISH, a handheld device that allows users to download their favorite programming and watch it at their leisure. 

Hellelujah opens during a church service.  The minister is giving his sermon, and the congregation is listening attentively.  As the camera moves down the aisle, one man’s devotion seems just a bit more intense that the rest. His head is bowed and his hands are in his
lap.  While it appears as if he’s intensely praying, he’s actually watching a football game on a PocketDISH. Overwhelmed by a last-second, game-winning touchdown, the man jumps up, cheering and throwing his arms in the air. The camera cuts to the minister, who looks pleased with the reaction to his sermon. 

The organist, we find out, is also watching a game and, inspired by the action, plays the familiar “Charge!” jingle.

Citizen Pictures’ Jeanne Kopeck served as director with Andrew Turman acting as DP. The spot was shot on Super 16mm film and transferred using a Spirit Datacine. Tom Welborn cut the :30 spot using Apple’s Final Cut Pro. Herman Nieuwoudt handled tracking/compositing using Shake. End-tag graphics were created using Adobe After Effects.