Issue: Animation - Aug 23, 2004


NEW YORK - Ad agency Mondernista! recently commissioned the creative editorial talent of Lost Planet's ( Hank Corwin for a GMHummer spot, which introduces the new sports utility vehicle H2.

Featuring the tagline "Like Nothing Else," the spot focuses on an enterprising boy who isn't afraid to take his own path to reach his goal. Upon seeing a sign for a go-cart race, which reads "first one down wins," the boy is constructs the biggest and the baddest racecar. He diligently studies the race route and visualizes the finish line, and even resorts to stealing the wood from a neighbor doghouse. When the youngster pulls his vehicle out of the shed, it turns out that he has built a wooden replica of the new H2. Since the rules don't say anything about staying on the road, the determined racer veers off the track and off-roads it down the hill to a victorious finish.

Scott Hicks of Independent Media directed the spot; The Mill finished the spot with Discreet Flame; Tim Masick of Company 3 did color correction; and Rob DiFondi of Sound Lounge engineered the mix with the track "Happy Jack" by The Who.