Issue: Animation - Aug 23, 2004


BOSTON - PipelineFX of Honolulu, HI, and Silicon Graphics, based in Mountain View, CA, have teamed to create a turnkey renderfarm, designed for smaller post studios creating animated content and visual effects. The bundle includes SGI's 64-bit Altix XE Linux-based server and PipelineFX's Qube! software, which provides render management across multiple applications and operating systems.

The Render Management Solution will be sold through SGI channels and is designed to grow in server and storage capacity - as well as with additional Qube! licenses - as a studio's business changes. A number of leasing options are available, allowing customers to start small and add equipment as necessary.

Standard Altix XE servers are driven by Dual-Core Intel Xeon processors. A total of four processor cores are featured in each server with support for up to 32GB of memory. SGI plans on making the Render Management Solution available later this month, and PipelineFX is working on bench tests that will quantify its performance.