Issue: Animation - Jul 28, 2004


NEW YORK - Argentine-born Martin Lazaro has joined Creative Bubble's (212-201-4200) Design/EFX division as senior visual effects artist. Formerly with Dalton's Digital Brothers in Spain, Lazaro has worked on hundreds of commercials and many feature films, creating seamless visual effects on Discreet Flame and collaborating with directors in pre-production as visual effects supervisor.

"Martin's work is different from anything I've seen in the States," says Rob Ortiz, managing partner of Creative Bubble. "His effects and compositing, texturally, have a different feel and look to them. With his strong background in high-end commercials and working with directors, Martin rounds out our artistically and culturally diverse visual effects and design team." Lazaro uses effects as a narrative tool and has added his artistry to a variety of high profile TV spots, including the award-winning "Burn" for Coca-Cola. In mid-1997, Lazaro and then partner Mariano Santilli started a new post house in Buenos Aires called Dynamo Post. As director and head designer, he worked on projects for clients Gatorade, Shell and McDonalds.