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Issue: Audio - Oct 19, 2005


By: Post Audio Newsletter
BOSTON - Cakewalk, the maker of music and sound software for the PC, has released Sonar 5 Producer Edition, a digital audio workstation application that provides a true 64-bit signal path on native x64 systems and 32-bit systems.

The application's 64-bit double precision floating point engine delivers increases in dynamic range and audio fidelity, breaking through plug-in accuracy and summing bus limitations found in 32-bit floating point applications. This enhancement is not limited to the native x64 version of Sonar and is easily accessible from the 32-bit version through a mouse click in the Audio/Options dialogue.

Version 5 adds an inspired collection of responsive instruments and processors, workspace enhancements, Perfect Space Convolution Reverb, RXP REX Player groove box, seamless VST integration and powerful editing tools, including Roland V-Vocal VariPhase technology. Pricing is $799 for Producer Edition and $479 for the slightly less feature filled Studio Edition. Both are shipping.