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Issue: Audio - Oct 19, 2005


By: Post Audio Newsletter

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - At the recent AES show in New York City, Fairlight ( introduced DREAM Constellation Anthem, a multi-configurable digital audio console designed for both post production and music recording. Anthem's configurations resemble a traditional split recording console, a classic in-line mixing console and a post-specific console.

At the heart of Anthem is the combination mixing console and multitrack recorder. Each channel is equipped with six bands of parametric EQ; a two-stage dynamics processor with gate, expander and limiter, and up to 12 aux sends. Channels can be configured in any format - from mono to 7.1 surround.

Anthem makes use of OLED technology, allowing users to view brightly-lit displays on the console?s worksurface easily and from any angle. Six QDC cards power the Anthem, which is a PC-hosted platform capable of using over 240 third-party VST and Creamware plug-ins.

Orders are currently being taken with delivery expected later this year.