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Issue: Audio - Oct 19, 2005


By: Post Audio Newsletter

BEGBROKE, UK - Solid State Logic ( showed its renewed commitment to post production with the US debut of its new C300 console at the recent AES show in New York City. The C300, designed for film and television post applications, is a compact, assignable console that gives users the tools for fast and efficient sweetening and mix creation.

SSL designed the new C300 console to feature both workstation integration, along with tactile, physical controls and powerful automation. The new system integrates DAW control using techniques developed with the AWS 900 console. Automation developed for SSL's C200 console provides complete realtime and non-realtime control over the console's powerful signal processing. This allows operators to slow down fast moves to a more manageable pace, or even set-up whole scenes with the press of a locate key.

The C300's Dynamic Resource Allocation puts processing power where it is needed most. Over 500 mix inputs and 80 mix busses, with DSP are available from a single Centuri processor. Process linking and stacked channel grouping puts stems and groups under one fader. And multiple sample rates are supported including pull-ups and pull-downs for international compatibility.

The company is currently taking orders for the new console.