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April 2016
Issue: Editing - Sep 8, 2005


The spots all center around two neighboring Green Bay houses, one of which is owned by the Favres and the other by the Wilskeys. In each, the Packers-obsessed neighbor cites Favre's on-field accomplishments as the motivation for dealing with the challenges the day presents.

"Driving School," "Gutters," "AM Coffee," "Bedtime," and "Bounce Back" were conceived by New York agency SouthPaw and were produced by Hungry Man with David Gray directing. Cut & Run's Mike Douglas and Conor O'Flynn used an Avid Adrenaline system to edit the five :30 spots, all of which close with the tag, "Starter. You gotta earn it."

The commercials were mixed and sound designed by Jody Nazzaro of Bionic Media in his new Digidesign Pro Tools suite.