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Issue: Editing - Sep 8, 2005


By: Post Editing Newsletter

Johnson started his career in post production at Crew Cuts/NY, first working as a messenger. He quickly became interested in editing and worked to develop his skills. Several years later he moved to Ian MacKenzie Editorial where he leared from MacKenzie how to deal with any editorial situation. During his four years there, Johnson edited spots for Snickers, Crunch Gyms, Texaco, and Visa among others. Crew Cuts later offered him a partnership in the venture, Crew Cuts San Francisco. There, he cut spots for agencies Goodby Silverstein, Butler Shine and Leagas Delaney.

He later returned to New York to work at their Manhattan facility, cutting spots for Perdue, Pepsi, AOL, Denny's, Dr. Pepper and British Airways. He left Crew Cuts to join Homestead Editorial, and after a short stint there, decided to move with his wife to Texas.

"My wife is from Texas," says Johnson. "I've been coming to Austin and Dallas for trips, but never really considered it for work until now. Deciding to move to Texas and getting a job at Mad River, it's amazing. The chance to help build a company has really revved up my enthusiasm for editing and advertising."