Post Editing Newsletter
Issue: Editing - Sep 8, 2005


Co-produced by B2 Entertainment and Brownhouze Entertainment the series relies on five offline Avid suites and two online suites at the studio.

"I'm an Avid editor, and the level of support for Avid at Photomag is exceptional," says Jimmy Mazzullo, B2's offline editor for the project. "We've predominantly used Avid Xpress Pro to assemble all the rough edits that we're sending over to Bravo, and the system's color-correction features ensure that the story comes through with minimal distractions, even in the rough stages. Photomag's commitment to the Avid platform through all project phases has simplified the process of editing this series."

The final version of each episode is conformed at Photomag by online editors Travis Antolik and Steve Beganyi, and freelancer Brian Turner. Photomag mixer Lou Teti creates each episode's final mix. The support team at Photomag includes included coordinating producer Bryn Neuenschwander and account executive Stephen Ostrow.

A long-time sound mixing facility, Photomag was acquired by PostWorks in 2003. It was then relaunched to serve audio and post production demands at the highest levels. PostWorks has experience supporting the daily demands of reality television. Scout Productions, the production company behind Bravo's "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," has made its home within PostWorks' SoHo facility since the series' debut in 2003. For "Queer Eye," PostWorks provides scalable production space, Avid Media Composers for offline and Avid Symphonies for online. Color correction and additional post serves for the show are handled on an as-needed basis.