Issue: HD - Jun 29, 2005


SOMERVILLE, MA - 1 Beyond, Inc. ( a provider of digital video editing and compositing systems, recently introduced Harmony HD/RT SAN, a storage area network capable of supporting multiple streams of uncompressed, realtime HD. The solution also supports 2K.

1 Beyond collaborated with Sanbolic and StorageTek on the SAN. Harmony HD/RT uses the Sanbolic Melio file system and LaScala volume manager. Using 4 Gigabit Fiber Channel technology, the 1 Beyond Harmony HD/RT SAN supports up to 600 MB/s per workstation, thereby allowing multiple streams of uncompressed, realtime HD.

With pricing starting at $50,000, Harmony HD can scale from two to 16 users. A 256TB configuration offers hundreds of hours of uncompressed HD. Video quality can scale from SD to full 1080i HD.

"Ever since HD editing has been available, users have had to choose between quality uncompressed or realtime compressed," says 1 Beyond founder/president Terry Cullen. "With the 1 Beyond Harmony HD/RT SAN, no one will be forced to compromise ever again."