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April 2016
Issue: HD - November 2005


MONTREAL - Matrox Video Products Group ( has released Version 1.5 software for its Axio family of HD and SD editing platforms. The new release provides realtime native HDV and DVCPRO HD editing support with the ability to mix HD codecs or SD codecs on the timeline in realtime.

Other features of the now shipping 1.5 release include realtime high quality downscaling from HD to SD, the ability to edit HD formats on Axio SD systems, and additional realtime effects such as mask blur, mask mosaic, four corner pin, and track matte.

Matrox Axio exploits the power of Adobe Premiere Pro, making it a realtime HD and SD editor for broadcast-quality work. The system offers no-render HD and SD finishing in compressed and uncompressed formats, powerful color correction tools, advanced realtime effects, and a full range of analog and digital audio and video inputs and outputs. The solution also incorporates Matrox Flex 3D and Power of X technologies to leverage scalable CPU power.

Both the HD and SD versions of Axio platforms offer: guaranteed full quality, full frame rate, full resolution playback at up to 1080i at 29.97 fps; at least two layers of uncompressed 10-bit HD video plus two layers of graphics in realtime, with effects; and at least four layers of uncompressed 10-bit SD video plus six layers of graphics in realtime, with effects.

Matrox Axio release 1.5 is available for free download from the Matrox

Web site by registered Matrox Axio owners. HD systems start at $17,000 and SD at $13,000. Prices include Axio hardware and software, the complete Adobe Video Collection Standard, and the workstation. Storage is extra.