Post HD Newsletter
Issue: HD - Oct 17, 2005


KANSAS CITY - TakeTwo (www.taketwo.tv), here, recently completed high definition post on a :30 video for Sprint that appeared during the Academy of Television Arts & Science's Technical Emmy Awards ceremony, presented as part of E! Entertainment's two-hour telecast. Sprint was recognized with an award for Technical Achievement in Engineering Development, as the US carrier's PCSVision Multimedia Services is among the first to deliver live TV to mobile phones.

TakeTwo provided editorial, motion graphics, VFX and sound design for the effects-intensive walk-on video, which was shot in HD. Written, produced and directed by Dave Hodes of DH Productions in Kansas City, the video follows a yellow ribbon, which links the television and mobile phone worlds and then wraps around footage of Sprint execs Dale Knoop and Jeff Hallock, who thank the Academy's Board of Governors for the award.

Footage was shot using a jib-mounted HD camera. Designer Cameron Pierron used Adobe After Effects and Trapcode's 3D Stroke plug-in to create the animated ribbon. A cell phone was shot greenscreen on a turntable and looped to create its floating presence.

Trapcode's Shine, an After Effects plug-in, provided glow effects and Tinderbox added lens flares. Pierron also crafted the 3D network logos in After Effects.

Smoke artist Allen Robbins downconverted the HD footage for TakeTwo editor Jim Holopter, who cut together the live-action sequences on an Avid Adrenaline system. Robbins imported the offline to his Smoke, where he performed color correction, tweaked the edit, added name bars for the Sprint execs and composited the energetic yellow ribbon. Robbins also devised a variety of matte wipes to transition from different pan-and-scan settings in the HD footage. A GenArts Sapphire lens flare supplied the starburst at the video's conclusion. TakeTwo's Nick Balda added sound design.