Issue: Cameras - May 2006


WAYNE, NJ – At NAB, JVC gathered members of the press to reflect on the success of its GY-HD100 camcorder, as well as to introduce two new Pro HD products. JVC reports that there are now 12,000 GY-HD100 HDV cameras in the field, being used in applications that range from features (Madagascar) to television shows (Inked) to promos and opens (Good Morning America).

The company introduced two new Pro HD models at the show: the GY-HD250U and the GY-HD200U. The 250U is designed for ENG, EFP, studio production and cinematography. It records true 1280 x 720 progressive at 60 frames per second thanks to a new advanced codec that provides efficient compression without visible motion artifacts. It has built-in genlock capability, component and HD-SDI output, with professional connectors. It also features the choice of several interchangeable lenses, enhanced cinema gamma, external timecode synchronization, BNC connectors, a built-in mount for a 14.4V professional battery, and the focus assist feature.

Like existing HDV camcorders, the unit records to inexpensive MiniDV cassettes. With the optional DR-HD100U Direct-to-Edit recorder, a hard disk workflow can be achieved, while simultaneously creating back-up material on digital tape. The suggested list price for the GY-HD250U is $8,995. Delivery is expected to begin in October.

The GY-HD200U is targeted at independent filmmakers and stringers, and features a "Compact-Shoulder" form factor. It’s capable of HDV720/60P true progressive image acquisition due to the implementation of JVC's new "Super Encoder," developed for the latest line of Pro HD products. The GY-HD200U uses all of the accessories currently available for the GY-HD100U, including the new 1/3-inch mount HD lenses, also introduced at NAB 2006. The camcorder is priced at $7,995 and comes with a 16:1 Fujinon lens.

In related news, Apple announced native support of 24p HDV video from JVC’s cameras.