Issue: Editing - November 2006


LONDON – Final Cut ( editor Amanda James recently completed work on The Killers’ new music video, Bones. Directed by Tim Burton and produced by Refused TV, the video places the band on a playground at a drive-in movie where they perform in front of the film screen. Behind them, classic clips from films such as Jason and the Argonauts and Creature from the Black Lagoon play.

A couple of young lovers watch the action from their car, but soon become a focal point, peeling back their skin and revealing their skeletons. The bones theme continues throughout the video with the band ultimately becoming skeletons who performing at the drive in.

James, who cut the project on an Avid Media Composer, says that while the video had a simple concept, there was a lot of layering of greenscreen footage, live action and CG. The project gave her insight as to how a director like Tim Burton works with performance footage, effects elements and the narrative to tell a story.