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April 2016
Issue: Editing - November 2006


NEW YORK - G.O.O.D. Pictures and Imaginary Forces ( recently teamed up to produce and post a new music video for hip-hop artist Consequence, featuring additional performance by Kanye West. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly was shot in black and white on the streets of New York and Chicago. Performance footage of Consequence and West are intercut, and as the video progresses, the urban cityscapes are subtly superimposed over the performers' faces, reinforcing their connection to the gritty communities.

Susan Linss directed the video for G.O.O.D. Pictures and called upon Imaginary Forces' creative director Karin Fong and editor Peter Johnson to post the project.

Linss had footage shot specifically for her initial concept, along with footage she had captured for a previous West video that hadn't been used, and additional footage shot in New York.  She brought her initial cut to Imaginary Forces, where Fong and Johnson collaborated on creative solutions to add a more cohesive narrative and design imprint to the finished piece.

Apple Final Cut Pro was used for the edit and Adobe After Effects was used to de-interlace, add grain and take out the green screen in the HD footage, making it look more film like. Color correction was done at Company 3.