Issue: Workstations - November 2006


SAN JOSE, CA - Adobe ( recently introduced the public beta of its Soundbooth software, a new audio tool designed for creating and editing audio, as well as for fixing common audio flaws. The tool was introduced to the industry at the recent MAX 2006 Adobe user conference in Las Vegas. Pros can test the application as a beta download and submit feedback to Adobe. The tool is available for both Intel-based Macintosh and Windows systems. 

Soundbooth was designed to deliver high-quality sound to Web and video workflows. Users can quickly record and edit sound without a deep knowledge of sound production. The tool offers tight integration with Macromedia Flash and Adobe Premiere Pro enabling users to easily remove noise from recordings, polish voiceovers, and customize music to fit a production. Using Soundbooth, video and Web designers can record new dialog tracks, sound effects or other audio assets, or transform existing audio files with sample-accurate tools that cut, copy, paste, fade, stretch, and add effects. The AutoComposer feature lets users create customized music to accompany their projects.  

The public beta of Soundbooth for Intel-based Macs and Windows systems is now available as a free download at: 

Adobe plans to continue to develop its Audition product for audio professionals working in markets such as broadcast radio. Soundbooth, however, will replace Audition as the audio component in its Adobe Production Studio integrated video package.