Randall Simpson
Issue: Workstations - November 2006


DENVER - HP (www.hp.com) has introduced powerful and energy-efficient multi-core workstations featuring the industry's first volume Quad-Core processors from Intel Corporation.

"HP and Intel are setting the industry standards for multi-core workstation computing," says Chris Christopher, senior VP and GM of HP's desktop business. "By combining the quad-core power with HP performance, our customers can take workstations where they've never gone before."

The HP workstations, featuring the new Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5300 processor series, will have a starting price of $2,349 and are expected to be available starting November 14th.

"Our customers have an insatiable demand for performance," notes Mike Diehl, product marketing manager for HP. "The innovation surrounding the new Quad-Core workstations represent a significant advancement in workstation performance."

From professional 2D to high-end 3D graphics, DCC applications running on the Quad-Core workstations should see immediate performance increases, especially running multiple applications and multi-threaded applications. 

Chris Vienneau, Toxik product manager for Autodesk Media and Entertainment says, "Autodesk Toxik's scaleable image processing architecture, partnered with the new Intel technology in the HP xw8400, allows artists to work interactively with ultra-high resolution in full floating point. This performance increase really grants artists the freedom to be creative but also gives them the confidence to deliver the quality the market is demanding."