Issue: Audio - April 2007


LOS ANGELES – For the second year in a row, Joel Beckerman of Man Made Music received the award for “Most Performed Themes” at the Annual ASCAP Film and Television Awards gala. The event, held at the Kodak Theatre, honors top composers in the film and television music industry. Beckerman’s honor came from earning the highest number of performance credits on television in the category of dramatic underscore for the 2006 survey year.

His work is currently heard on more than a dozen television series and specials, including the ABC X-Games, The CBS Early Show, Discovery Channel's documentary series Critical Hour, Dr. G, and Double Agents, MSNBC's Hardball and Countdown, and NBC's The Chris Matthews Show. This past year included Beckerman acting as producer for Academy Award-winner James Horner for the main theme on The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. For this project he also composed additional themes and dozens of arrangements.

“The thrill of having the opportunity to make a living making music and helping to tell great stories never wanes,” says Beckerman. “To be honored by ASCAP for a second year in a row is an extremely humbling and exciting event that sustains my love of the craft.”