Issue: Audio - April 2007


PALO ALTO, CA - At NAB, Euphonix ( introduced a new mixing system for high definition television audio post production. The S5 Fusion is based on the company's System 5 series and combines Euphonix's digital signal processing SuperCore engine with EuCon Hybrid, a derivative of the company's universal control protocol. The combination enables the S5 Fusion console surface to simultaneously control its own DSP channels as well as channels from multiple external digital audio workstations  - up to five - over high-speed Ethernet.

The unit can manage a large number of tracks with the quality and reliability of dedicated DSP channels. It also offers machine control, a router and comprehensive film-style surround monitoring features.

Euphonix's new DSP SuperCore powers the S5 Fusion's signal processing and routing, providing full multi-format channels with EQ, filters and dynamics together with mix, aux and group busses with bus processing. EuCon Hybrid, incorporating the EuCon high-speed Ethernet protocol, extends the control capabilities of the console beyond the dedicated DSP SuperCore to bring Mac and PC DAW tracks onto the console surface for mixing.

Nuendo, Logic Pro and Pyramix directly support EuCon. Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro and Digital Performer — among hundreds of other applications — can also be fully controlled from the console surface. That means mixers have the flexibility to select tracks from DAWs for placement and control on the S5 Fusion surface in any order they choose.

The S5 Fusion is now available and has a starting price of $150,000.