Issue: Audio - April 2007


DALLAS, TX - FirstCom Music, which offers music via CD, hard-drive and the Web, is working with Dallas's EhkoMusic on the production of the Velocity Library. The library is distinguished by its cutting edge sound and the crew at EhkoMusic will work on expanding the sound and bringing it in line with what DJs and bloggers recognize as the next trends in modern music. 

"With Ehkomusic behind the wheel, Velocity’s sound will reflect the continued cross-hybridization of popular music’s ongoing mash-up mentality," explains FirstCom's senior VP/executive producer Ken Nelson. "As pop culture consumers and iPod users look to experience music in a massive genre shuffle, advertisers and content providers will demand production tools which reflect that shifting continuum."

Jeff "Skin" Wade and Ruben Ayala are the players behind EhkoMusic. As partners in the Alternate Take record label and Hydroponic Sound System, their work has been featured by Nike, the Chris Rock Show, the Fox Network, and for youth centered marketing campaigns for Toyota's Scion. 

Tracks from Velocity can be auditioned at