Issue: Audio - April 2007


SALT LAKE CITY, UT - Non-Stop Music ( was at NAB with four new music libraries – two designed for the US/Global market and two geared toward the UK market.

“Audio Machine” is a five-CD set available in the UK and Ireland, full of dramatic, rhythm-based cues. The collection is suitable for promos, trailers and anything action themed. “Cue,” also for the UK and Ireland markets, is a 37-CD set of underscores. The collection is well suited for television projects featuring voiceovers.

The “Bing, Bang, Boom” music and sound design library includes 14 discs for the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Latin America and South America. The collection features a broad range of high-quality cues ranging from Funky to Underscores. Two DVDs are included containing over 2,200 sound design elements.

And the “Urban Underscore” library includes a combination of authentic hip-hop and funky compositions. This five-disc collection is available in the US, Canada, Latin America, the UK and Ireland.