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April 2016
Issue: Audio - April 2007


NORTHRIDGE, CA - SmartSound (, developer of the SonicFire Pro custom soundtrack creation tool, has launched BackStage, a Website that will feature new music content each month.

The royalty-free tracks will incorporate the technology that allows SonicFire Pro users to customize the length, arrangement and mix of each track. BackStage also offers an Automatic Cue Sheet service for customers, simplifying the tedious and time-consuming process of creating accurate cue sheets from edit decision lists. Cue sheets are generated from user-imported EDLs, which automatically include the cue name, length, composer and licensing information for any SmartSound track, along with a growing database of more than 160,000 music cues from other libraries.

Customers can also now send their music in for conversion to the SmartSound-ready format, and, they can request a custom piece of music from SmartSound's team of composers.

SmartSound is now shipping Sonicfire Pro 4.5, its custom soundtrack creation tool. The latest version includes Smart Recall, a feature that embeds project information in the exported .WAV or .AIFF file. Files can be edited in any audio software and retain the benefit of being opened later in Sonicfire Pro 4.5 for additional changes.