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April 2016
Issue: Audio - April 2007


BEGBROKE, UK - At the NAB show last week, Solid State Logic ( unveiled the upgraded C300 HD Master Studio System, a console designed for the full spectrum of film and television post applications. The C300 HD Master Studio System is a compact, assignable console that's capable of fast and efficient sweetening and mix creation. The system addresses the requirements of nonlinear film and TV production, is scalable (from 8 to 96 faders and up to 512 channels), and offers serial control of high definition VTRs.

SSL's C300 HD integrates DAW control that brings the workstation into the console for close interaction. Automation provides complete real and non-realtime control over the console's powerful signal processing and operators can now slow down fast moves to a more manageable pace.

New features with the C300 include: Tri-Level Sync support; an enhanced 96kHz feature set with provision for up to 16 discrete audio channels; three or four channel side/rear surround panning; SoftKey commands for extended DAW control; an improved center section GUI with larger timecode display, 32 full resolution meters and extended Mix Pass List display with 10 levels of undo; and enhanced automation.