Issue: Audio - June 2007


STUDIO CITY, CA - The International Documentary Association (IDA) has created a new award and award category: “The Alan Ett Music Documentary Award.” The award will be bestowed upon a filmmaker for an outstanding documentary about music and/or for their creative use of music in a documentary.  

The IDA promotes nonfiction film and video around the world by supporting and recognizing the efforts of documentary filmmakters and video producers, as well as by increasing public appreciation and demand for the documentary and providing a forum for filmmakers, their supporters and suppliers. 

The IDA Awards Gala will take place in early December. To qualify for “The Alan Ett Music Documentary Award,” the documentary must be an individual standalone short or feature. The award will be presented to the credited individual who exercised creative control over the project from inception to completion. In addition to the honor, the recipient be handed a cash prize of $5,000.   

Alan Ett, president/CEO of the Alan Ett Creative Group of companies and a past winner of the IDA “Pare Lorentz” award as the executive producer of the documentary film Sugihara, A Conspiracy of Kindness, felt that it was time that the music category be recognized in the world of documentaries. 

“In a given year, when there are films about global warming and the massacres in Dafur, a film about an international youth orchestra touring the world is not going to win anything, no matter how wonderful that film may be,” he notes. “In the world today, music is so often the only way to successfully carry a global message and the filmmakers who tell those stories should have the same opportunity to be honored as their colleagues who undertake the pursuit of other issues to convey their message. I have always lived with music as an ultimate source of inspiration and awakening and a belief in the universal power of music. Hopefully, this award will help the filmmakers realize their vision and in some small way, change the world.”