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April 2016
Issue: Audio - June 2007


LOS ANGELES - Sound mixer Chris David and sound designer Leslie Shatz have partnered to form Wildfire Studios, a 15,000 square foot studio formerly occupied by Wilshire Stages. The owner/operators have a multimillion-dollar investment plan in place to remodel and upgrade the facility and are collaborating with Hollywood Intermediate to offer digital intermediate services, in addition to sound design, editorial, mixing and picture editing.

David and Shatz have each worked on over a hundred major motion pictures. David was nominated for an Academy Award for sound mixing on Legends of the Fall, and has been nominated for five MPSE Golden Reel Awards. Shatz won the prestigious Prix Vulcaine, the Technical Grand Prize, at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival for his sound design on Gus Van Sant's Last Days. He was also nominated for both an Academy Award and the MPSE Golden Reel Award for his work on The Mummy.

Shatz recently finished sound design on Van Sant's Paranoid Park, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. David mixed Abel Ferrara's Go Go Tales, which also screened at Cannes.

Currently in house at Wildfire Studios is Todd Hayne's Bob Dylan biopic, I'm Not There for Killer Films. Next up is Jason Reitman's Juno for Mandate Pictures.