Issue: Audio - September 2007


CUPERTINO, CA – Apple ( introduced Logic Studio this week, which includes the upgraded Logic Pro 8 recording and editing application. Logic Pro 8 now features an intuitive, single-window interface for instant access to powerful music creation and production functions. New audio production tools have been added to speed up common tasks. And surround production capabilities have been enhanced with support for True Surround software instruments and effects.

Soundtrack Pro 2 is part of the bundle, providing audio post tools for dialogue editing, sound design and mixing, along with seamless integration with Apple’s Final Cut Pro. Studio Instruments is a software instruments package that includes 40 plug-ins which can be used to create music within Logic Pro. Sculpture is a component of Studio Instruments and is designed for creating effects. Another component is the EXS24 sampler, which allows users to play over 1,300 EXS instruments included in the Studio Sound Library.

Studio Effects features 80 effects plug-ins, including Delay Designer for in-depth control over individual delay taps. The Space Designer component helps users recreate reverb qualities found in some of the world’s most distinctive locations.

Also included is the Studio Sound Library, featuring content from the five Jam Pack collections and Final Cut Studio 2, for a total of 18,000 Apple Loops, 1,300 EXS instruments and 5,000 sound effects. Production utilities include WaveBurner for CD mastering, Compressor 3 for surround encoding, an Apple Loops utility and a new Impulse Response utility for capturing the acoustics of real performance spaces.

Brand new in the Logic Studio package is MainStage, which turns the Mac into a live performance rig. Screen controls link software plug-ins to hardware knobs, faders and buttons, so musicians can use their favorite gear while performing live.

The package is available for $499.

“We’ve been waiting to hear from Apple regarding this Logic Pro 8 update for three years,” says renowned sound designer Frank Serafine. “I’m working with Soundtrack Pro 2 , which is a plug in from the new Final Cut Pro 2 bundle. It is a very sophisticated new way of editing sound and I am currently switching over my Pro Tools|HD rigs to do all the post production sound, dialogue editing, sound effects editing and the final mix all on the Soundtrack Pro platform for my next movie project and future projects. Soundtrack Pro also shares the effects plug-ins available through Logic Pro. These are incredible plug-ins. Logic Pro 8, and soon Soundtrack Pro 2, supports a new Ethernet expansion technology called NOD. This is going to be the future for audio post.”