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April 2016
Issue: Audio - September 2007


SYDNEY – Australia’s Fairlight ( showed its new Xynergi Media Production Centre at the recent IBC show in Amsterdam. Xynergi is a suite of tools designed for studios handling audio-for-video production and is based around a tactile control surface that harnesses the processing power of Fairlight’s CC-1 digital media engine.

The unit has self labeling key switches that are able to display full color images, icons or text for control over recording, editing and mixing  processes. A keyboard is available for routine naming tasks and immediate access to MS Office tools. The controller also features eight touch sensitive rotary controls and multiple soft keys arranged around the pad control zone. These can be used to support Xynergi’s mix automation system as well as to provide precise control over signal processing facilities, which include multi-band EQs, three stage dynamics, multi-dimensional panning and auxiliary sends.

The controller’s intelligence allows it to know what mode the operator is using, presenting only the functions relevant to that mode while hiding unnecessary functions. This results in better access and less keystrokes.