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April 2016
Issue: Audio - September 2007


VENICE, CA - Finger Music + Sound Design ( created a music track for a Gatorade spot featuring tennis pro Maria Sharapova. The :30 commercial shows numerous female competitors, frustrated with their losing performance against the tennis great. After finishing off the last competitor, Sharapova drinks some Gatorade while the voiceover details how the sports drink "rehydrates replenishes and refuels the world's top athletes."

Finger Music's Dave Hodge created a new arrangement of the West Side Story song "Maria," giving it an opera/orchestral feel. The West Side Sequel track was written to fit the picture edit and was then recorded at the Village Recorder and Finger Music.

A Digidesign Pro Tools|HD3 system was used for recording, along with Chandler pre-amps and an SSL Duende audio processor. Strings were recorded using Neve 1081 preamps, LA2As and Royer ribbon mics.