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April 2016
Issue: Editing - February 2007


LOS ANGELES - An Inconvenient Truth, nominated for an Academy Award for Best Feature Documentary, was edited by Cut + Run/Los Angeles' Dan Swietlik, with additional editing by the studio's Javier Alvarez and independent editor Jay Cassidy. The film presents the science of global warming by former Vice President Al Gore, and is woven together with Gore's personal history and commitment to reversing the effects of global climate change.

The production began in the middle of 2005, when the crew and director Davis Guggenheim followed Gore as he traveled the country, including a visit to his family farm. His presentation was captured in a 24p HD four-camera shoot designed to be finished in the digital intermediate realm for film distribution.

Cut + Run/LA founder/editor Swietlik, who previously collaborated with producers Laurie David and Lawrence Bender, joined the project at their invitation and began the edit process, using an Avid, in October of 2005. Working hand-in-hand with director Guggenheim, the editorial team united the humanity of Gore's personal life with the science and striking imagery of Gore's presentation.