Issue: Editing - February 2007


NEW YORK - Version2 ( editor Vito DeSario recently cut a new spot for Ikea promoting its bedroom products. Conceived by Deutch/NY and produced by Epoch/Bicoastal, the Bedroom spot features couples enjoying the colorful, casual comfort of Ikea beds and linens, as well as the sense of order their closet organizers provide.

The spot was finished with two different end tags and voiceovers. One promotes Ikea's "three ways to shop" (store, online, phone), while the other touts the store's "special 12 month financing offer" when buyers pay for their purchase with an Ikea credit card.

The commercials were edited using an Avid Media Composer and were finished using Discreet Flame. Andrew Doga assisted DeSario on the edit.

The spots incorporate a light, original track that composed by Walter Werzowa and Omar Fadel of Musikvergnuegen/LA.