Issue: Editing - October 2007


NEW YORK - Scott Gaillard of Outside Editorial (www.outsideedit.com) recently cut a new Celebrity Cruise commercial that asks: "How does it feel to cruise with Celebrity?"

The :30 Veranda spot was conceived by ad agency Element 79 in Chicago and was directed by Chelsea Pictures' Charles Mehling. In it, vacationers are given the star treatment with imagery of fine dining, verandas and sparkling pool water playing against David Bowie's "Fame" track.

Graphics appear over live action, reinforcing the Celebrity Cruise experience in which participants are "Recognized," "Celebrated" and "Indulged." The spot concludes with the narrator inviting viewers to: "Experience a Celebrity Cruise and find that every day...is another day...starring you."

Actors were shot on-board the ship, taking advantage of natural sunlight. Mehling used a Bolex 16mm camera to capture the candid footage of the actors, creating a texture that would have been tough to achieve had the entire spot been shot 35mm.

The spot was cut on an Avid and Michael Sullivan assisted on the edit. Eric Thompson at New York City's Berwyn Audio performed the mix.