Issue: HD - February 2007


FARMINGTON HILLS, MI - HDStudios teamed up with M. Seiden and Associates and Lad Guest Productions to create a video for Alticor's Global Growth Conference. The high definition project was shown on a big screen at the live event, and was also loaded into video iPods and presented to members of Alticor's top management.

HDStudios provided high definition production, animation, post production, audio post and new media services for the project, titled The Company LineAccording to director Lad Guest, Alticor's key message was that business would no longer be done "as usual," and that management was looking for innovation from all levels of employees. Rather than the typical executive message with B-roll, the producers chose to use lively animation to convey the lean towards the unconventional.

Producer Marie Seiden began collaborating with Guest and HDStudios' animator Matt Campbell on the video in November of 2006. In December, DP Jeff Dougherty and HDStudios' video technician Tony Leja traveled to Grand Rapids for the remote shoot featuring talent Doug DeVos and Steve VanAndel. Upon returning to HDStudios, editors Mike Pfaendtner and Rich Anderson completed HD post, working closely with Campbell as he integrated the energetic and continuously morphing animation with the video of the live talent. Campbell created animation on a PC workstation. The project was edited on an Avid Media Composer. Quantel's eQ and Adobe After Effects were also used.

Original music and sound effects were written and created by Michael King. Audio post was completed by HDStudios' Spencer Hall using a Fairlight DREAM Constellation system. Once finalized, HDStudios' Ken Mitchell converted the video to file formats that would be loaded onto the iPods.