Current Issue
April 2016
Issue: HD - February 2007


EVERGREEN, CO - Mammoth HD ( has expanded its MHD Rights-Managed Single Clip Library with three hours of 1080/24p Antarctica footage from Rhett Turner and his Red Sky Production. The footage features wildlife and scenics of the Antarctica Peninsula, South Georgia Island and the Shetland Islands, and represents weeks of production in Antarctica. 

King, Marconi, Gentoo and Adelie penguins; Minke whales; and Leopard, Fur and Weddell seals are all included in the collection. In addition to Antarctica, other world locations by Red Sky Productions are also available through the MHD Footage Library. 

The new Antarctica footage expands Mammoth HD's collection to the seventh continent. Mammoth HD's Royalty Free Collections and Single-Clip Libraries can be reviewed online through thumbnails and Quicktime previews.