Issue: HD - February 2007


WINSTON-SALEM, NC - Last fall, executive producer Robert Van Camp and his Wide Eye Productions crew traveled throughout North America, filming in 15 US states - from New Hampshire to Alaska, as well as Canada - all for PBS's popular Great Scenic Railway Journeys. The series, set to resume in June, profiles some of the world's most historic and scenic tourist railways.

Van Camp (pictured) is also the primary DP on the show and has received four Emmy awards for his camera work on the series. This season, he took advantage of the lightweight and compact design of Fujinon's HA16X6.3ERM HD ENG/EFP, which allowed him to shoot HD on moving trains with reduced vibration. The lightweight lens also allowed him to shoot pacing shots, done from the back of one train shooting at another, something that wasn't possible with a heavier lens in the past. The HA16X6.3ERM combines wide angle and high magnification (16X zoom ratio), enabling production crews to carry just one lens for a range of shooting environments. It has a wide angle of 6.3mm and a telephoto focal length of 202mm with the 2X extender.

Van Camp, a Sony HD HDW-750 user, also called on Fujinon's HA20x7.8B-10 Cine Style zoom while shooting Great Scenic Railway Journeys. It has a 20X magnification and a 7.8mm focal length at the wide end making it versatile enough to cover most applications from wide angle to telephoto.

At one point while filming in Alaska, he had to shoot approximately two miles across a canyon to get a shot of the train being profiled at the time.

"By flicking the 2x extender I was able to do a nice pullout shot to show how big the scene was and how far away we really were."