Issue: HD - March 2007


LOS ANGELES – Editorial house Lost Planet recently launched Elephant Post (, a sister company providing SD and HD finishing services, including online editing, compositing and graphics.

Lost Planet specializes in editing and has locations in Santa Monica and New York. The company recently aligned itself with London editorial house, Work, allowing clients to work with preferred editors in any of the three cities.

Managing director Betsy Beale heads the new Elephant Post team, which is comprised of former Red Car artists Chris Homel and Amanda Elliott. Homel is a Smoke and Flame artist, while Elliott is an assistant Smoke artist.

Elephant Post recently contributed to The Nominees, a short film shot by Errol Morris and featuring many of this year’s Oscars nominees. The piece features interviews with Peter O’Toole, Clint Eastwood, Helen Mirren and a number of others, sewn together to create an Oscar homage that runs just over four minutes long. It can be viewed on the Lost Planet Website (