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April 2016
Issue: HD - March 2007


By: Marc Loftus

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL – Producer/director Greg Steiner and his company Q-Station ( recently shot the comedy Bumping Off Burt ( with a JVC ProHD HD100 camera. Steiner was faced with a limited budget and challenging locations, but still wanted to shoot in 24p.

Much of the film takes place in a diner, where Burt and the other characters have breakfast each morning.

“While the diner had a perfect look for the film, our crew quickly learned that adequate lighting was going to be one of their greatest obstacles,” Steiner recalls. The team used just a small lighting rig and Steiner says he was pleased with the results.

“In the end, I was amazed at what the ProHD HD100 was able to capture. We were still able to pull a lot of detail out of both the shadows and highlights, and the end result is a very film-like appearance.”

The project was edited in Final Cut Pro on a dual 1.0 GHz PowerMac G4.  Steiner says he captured the original 24p footage direct to hard disc using Adobe/Serious Magic's DV Rack while simultaneously recording to a tape in the JVC camera as a backup. The captured files were converted to QuickTime movie files using LumiereHD.

The initial edit was done in anamorphic DV and was later conformed to the full resolution HD files via LumiereHD. Final Cut Pro was used for color correction.

Audio post is currently underway and is being performed completely in Pro Tools at Q-Station. Steiner says he opted to replace almost all of the dialogue via ADR sessions in order to deliver the highest quality end product. Sound effects and music are also currently being worked on.