Issue: HD - March 2007


EVERGREEN, CO - Mammoth HD ( will be building up its high definition footage library this spring with content captured using the RedOne Digital Cinema Camera. The MHD/Red 4K Gallery/Library will be headed up by Steve Gibby, who will be supplying new stock footage at 4K resolutions. 

The Red 4K system allows for acquisition of footage at 4.5K, and with the RedCine software, can be conformed to any digital video delivery resolution. Mammoth HD plans on having the new Red footage shot at 4K, which will allow delivery in 4K, 2K, HD, 1080p, 1080i and 720p formats. 

"We are delighted that so many of the artists we represent have embraced this new format," says Mammoth HD founder, Clark Dunbar. "Several of our cinematographers are in line for the first deliveries and more are planning to order Reds in the coming months. This will enable us to build a very significant 4K library very quickly." 

Mammoth HD represents over fifty artists around the world. Currently slated to start shooting material for the MHD/Red 4K Gallery are Steve Gibby, Art Levy, Ian Sun and Steve Tammi.

Dunbar says the first 4K footage will be posted in early May and will feature the work of Gibby. Mammoth HD is also expanding its internal systems to allow for the fastest possible throughput and online posting of the new higher definition footage as soon as it arrives. 

The MHD/Red 4K Gallery will ultimately include footage covering everything from cities, scenics, sports, wildlife and timelapse in both royalty-free and right-managed galleries.