Issue: Studio - February 2007


MOSCOW - Digital imagery production and grading facility Chimney Pot has purchased a Digital Vision Nucoda Film Master grading system for its new location in Moscow. The company also has locations in Stockholm, Oslo, Kiev and Warsaw, all of which use the Film Master as their primary grading tool. In addition to telecine and grading tools, each local office has sound studios, 3D capabilities and effect tools, such as Autodesk Inferno and Fire.

The new Nucoda Film Master will be used for commercial work and feature film DI projects, and will be built around a Bright SAN with a Cintel DataMill telecine/data scanner. JVC projectors will be featured in the suites.

"As we work on a lot of commercials the Film Master is the best suited product for this market," explains Henric Larsson, managing director of Chimney Pot. "This is mainly due to the colour enhancement toolset and video integration for versioning and deliverables, which is very good. The Digital Vision technology also provides us with an astounding amount of power in a cost and space effective solution, which our clients are thrilled to work with."