Issue: Studio - September 2007


BUDAPEST, HUNGARY - Mark and Aron Jaszberenyi, developers of DI color manipulation systems used in numerous feature film pipelines, including The Lord of The Rings trilogy, the Harry Potter films and King Kong, have launched a new DI and visual effects shop, here.

Colorfront ( takes advantaged of the Jaszberenyi's DI knowledge to offer a comprehensive range of HD, 2K and 4K post services to international filmmakers. Hungary is becoming increasingly popular as a destination for motion picture and broadcast production. The studio will offer services to these productions as well as to the global market.

"Central Europe, and Hungary in particular, has an amazing filmic history with many leading directors, producers, cinematographers and technicians coming from here," said Colorfront managing director Aron Jaszberenyi. "Opening a state-of-the art facility in Budapest is very much in keeping with that tradition, as well as filling a gap in the market. We have worked with leaders in DI for over a decade and know a lot about high-performance, high-resolution post production. With skills and competitive pricing encouraging more and more production into Hungary, we believe Colorfront is perfectly placed to service the most demanding DI and VFX work."

Colorfront's digital pipeline services include film scanning and recording, DI grading, conforming, digital dailies, online and offline editing, VFX, sound mixing, mastering and deliverables. Its initial technology line-up features Arri scanning and laser recording; 43TB of SAN disk storage; Autodesk Lustre, Flame and Smoke; Avid Adrenaline HD editing; 2K and 35mm film projection in a THX-spec'ed environment; sound mixingt; and HD tape and DVD deliverables.

The Jaszberenyi brothers invented and developed Autodesk's Lustre DI grading system. They also founded Frontfilm, one of Hungary's first digital film post production companies. Their Colorfront software development company brought to market a range of color manipulation and dust-busting tools for digital film post.