Issue: Editing - March 2008


SAN FRANCISCO – Final Cut Pro and Motion users looking to add chromakeying capabilities to their arsenal should check out dvGarage’s dvMatte Pro 3.0 Studio. Available for Final Cut Pro 5.1.2 and Motion 2 or higher, the tool uses Apple’s FxPlug technology to combine chromakeying with high-performance GPU acceleration, allowing users to remove green- and bluescreen backgrounds from DV, HDV and HD footage in realtime.
According to Alex Lindsay, founder/chief architect of dvGarage, dvMatte uses both the color and luma information to create clean edges. The tool’s 3 Pass keyer uses two color differences keyers and a hybrid luminance keyer to produce smooth mattes. Its built-in spill suppression knocks out the background and the spill automatically. A color matching plug-in helps match foreground and background color. And the built-in edge blending feature helps simplify compositing.

The new dvMatte Pro 3.0 Studio is available for download from dvGarage’s website at: Priced at $199, download contents include dvMatte Pro 3.0 Studio for Apple Final Cut Pro 5.1.2 or Motion 2 or higher, the user’s manual and sample project files.