Issue: Editing - March 2008


LA JOLLA, CA – NewBlue, Inc., the maker of video effects plug-ins, has expanding its platform support to include Avid’s Media Composer and Xpress Pro products. The company already offers tools for Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere.

NewBlueFX ( video effects plug-ins offer Avid users 893 presets and 71 effects plug-ins through its seven collections. The product line for Media Composer and Xpress Pro systems includes artistic tools for air brushing, pastel sketching and line drawing, as well as for motion effects, such as earthquakes, spins blurs, wiggles and zooms.

NewBlue 3D Explosions includes 180 presets in 13 different plug-ins that introduce creative new ways to blast a scene into pieces. Plug-ins include: Blow Apart, Bouncing Cubes, Bouncing Frames, Box Explode, Confetti, Grid Fall Away, Grid Explosion, Intensity Grid, Plane Explode, Spiral, Spiral Rotation, Vortex, and Wiggle. Pricing is $119.95.

3D Transformations offers 165 presets in 13 high-energy transitions. Plug-ins include: Box Fold, Checker Board, Comb, Flip, Fly Away, Louver Grid, Louvers, Magic Carpet, Page Turn, Pizza Boxes, Rotating Frames, Spiral Bounce, and Twist. Pricing is $119.95.

Art Blends ($119.95) includes 101 transitions in 10 specialized video effects that shift images through graphics filters. Plug-ins include: Color Melt, Color Wash, Contrast, Duochrome, Glow, Halo, Metallic, Shiny Fog, Sketch, and Vivid.

Art Effects ($139.95) comes with 99 effects in 10 specialized video filters. Plug-ins include: Air Brush, Colorize, Color Melt, Dream Glow, Duochrome, Ghost, Hand Drawn, Line Drawing, Metallic, and Pastel Sketch.

Film Effects ($159.95) includes 81 presets in five dynamic filters that recreate the inexact mechanics of hand cranked cameras, dirty projectors, and old film vaults. Plug-ins include: Film
Camera, Film Damage, Film Express, Film Look and Film Pro.

Motion Blends ($119.95) comes with 112 transitions in 10 specialized video effects that twist and turn video from one scene to the next. Plug-ins include: Liquify, Roll, Shake, Shear, Shredder, Smear, Spin, Twirl, Wave and Zoom.

And Motion Effects ($139.95) has 99 effects in 10 specialized video filters that add movement to images. Plug-ins include: Active Camera, Earthquake, Motion Blur, Ripple, Rolling Waves, Shear Energy, Spin Blur, Warp, Wiggle, and Zoom Blur.