Issue: HD - April 2008


GRASS VALLEY, CA - AJA ( is working to support Red Digital Cinema workflows and has added Red-specific video outputs for some of the unique frame sizes that the RedAlert and RedCine software applications can produce. This additional support for Red will be included in the Version 6.0 software driver for AJA’s Kona 3 video card and will be available for download in late May.

The Kona family is AJA's line of 10-bit uncompressed QuickTime cards for video and audio input and output on the Mac platform. Final Cut Pro editors can use Kona to play out Red Native files to professional monitors via QuickTime reference movies for both offline editorial and online editing/finishing.

Support for unique frames sizes that may be produced when
working with Red will also be enabled for the AJA TV software application. AJA TV is a standalone QuickTime video player that uses the Kona card video outputs, providing a simple way to playback and review clips. The application is a free utility that installs with the AJA software driver.