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April 2016
Issue: HD - April 2008


WEST HOLLYWOOD - Switzerland's Sondor (, with representation here in West Hollywood, introduced a new "affordable" HD telecine at the 2008 NAB Show. The Sondor Altra HD is a high-quality, low-cost 16mm/35mm telecine that's suitable for one-light transfers, such as dailies, offline transfer or archive retrieval.

The 1920 x 1080p HD resolution source is output simultaneously via dual-link HD-SDI, SDI and analog component/composite signals. Transfer take place in realtime. In addition to the 4:4:4 video output, a data output in .raw format will soon be available.

The system uses an LED array light source and progressive scan sensor to help keep operating and maintenance costs low. Support is offered for Super 35mm, Academy 35mm 3-perf, 4-perf, as well as standard and super 16mm.  Altra also provides 24 to 25fps conversion. Sondor also offers the Altra in an SD version and as a transportable unit for location productions. Delivery for the Altra HD is scheduled for late this year.