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April 2016
Issue: Studio - February 2008


NEW YORK - Composers Neil and Matthew de Luca (, owners of Figure and Groove Music, have completed scoring work for two videos that are a part of GE’s new “Stream GE” global campaign. The videos are a follow up to a series of North American environmental Web videos created last year.

The composers worked hand in hand with Stinson Partners creative director, Tom Beeby, to compose tracks covering a wide variety of styles, ranging from orchestral to rock to electronic. Recordings were produced using a Mac G5 running Digidesign Pro Tools at 96kHz.  The studio used Apogee converters for all of their in and out of the box conversions. A Bock tube microphone and Universal Audio 2-610 mic pre were used for all of the acoustic instrumentation, while a Kontakt sampler was used for sampled instruments.

The themes for the pieces vary based on the location of each video and the subject matter being discussed. Because the project is global, the idea was that a certain amount of each location’s feel be added to the individual videos while keeping a common thread across the entire set of videos.