Issue: Workstations - May 2008


ONTARIO, CANADA – Pros looking to become familiar with Apple’s Logic Pro 8 music production software can now do so through a DVD tutorial series presented by Ask Video Interactive Media (

Level 1 of the four-part series will be available June 13th and is hosted by musician/Apple expert Tony Wallace, who provides details on how to get up and running. Wallace covers everything from basic setup to editing and looping, giving newcomers a solid starting point. And long-time Logic users can benefit from the DVD by quickly learning of layout changes in the latest release.
Level 1 contains over 3.5 hours of video instruction, divided into 30 chapters. Ask Video's interface makes it easy to watch and learn straight through, or by selecting specific topics when using the DVD as a reference.

The beginning chapters look at the program’s layout. Middle chapters focus on recording MIDI and audio, before moving on to editing, looping and arranging in the later chapters.

Level 2 will be released this summer and will expand on intermediate concepts. Pricing for Level 1 is $49.99 and pre-ordering before the June 13th release date can save 20 percent.