Issue: Workstations - May 2008


SAN JOSE, CA – High-end graphics card developer Nvidia is presenting Nvision 2008 ( this August, a “visual computing mega event” that will gather top visual computing professionals, gamers, artists, designers and researchers to share their ideas, experiences and passions. The event will take place at seven venues located throughout San Jose and will run from August 25th to the 27th.

Pros will be interested in the Professional Visualization Solutions tracks, which will detail how to get the most out of Nvidia’s Quadro hardware and Mental Images software. The event is geared toward those: using OpenGL or DirectX in a professional environment, using Quadro for high-end display and SDI broadcast, or using Mental Images software for high-end rendering and 3D asset management and delivery.

At the Performance Graphics for Professional Applications track, attendees can learn from Nvidia’s expert engineers how to write and optimize OpenGL and DirectX-based professional applications. The full-day track covers NVSG, OpenGL and DirectX optimization, and multi-GPU programming.

The State-of-the-Art Professional Display Technologies track will detail how to take maximum advantage of Nvidia's single and multi-GPU technologies for large-scale and high-bit-rate visual applications. The half-day track will cover framelock and genlock; programming 10-bit and greater displays; and large-scale 4K projection.

The HD SDI for Broadcast, Video, & Film track is geared toward those using the SDI format. Here, attendees can learn how to best use Nvidia HD SDI video-out solutions to master, display and broadcast 12-bit HD visuals. The half-day track covers 10- and 12-bit HD SDI GVO, ancillary data support, 2D video compositing, and using the Nvidia API's seven SDKs.

A Mental Images Mental Ray track will detail the capabilities of the renderer directly from the developers. The half-day track will cover how to use and best leverage the renderer to generate images of outstanding quality and realism.

The Mental Images Reality Server track is a half-day event designed for pros looking to develop and deploy 3D assets and applications for product configuration, design review applications, or other solutions requiring access to large 3D models.

And the half-day Mental Images Mental Mill track will cover how to create shaders without programming.

Nvision 2008 will also have an HD Theatre, where screenings of Fly Me to the Moon, U2 3D, and other 3D and HD films will be presented. Breakout sessions will be offered, and gamers can meet for a series of competitions.