Issue: Workstations - May 2008


AUSTIN, TX - Boxx ( is offering a Special Edition of its 3DBoxx workstation, equipped with the latest Core 2 Extreme Quad-Core Intel processors. The system incorporates a thermal solution that manages the heat generated by the high-powered processors and helps keep the system quiet.

The new liquid cooling solution dissipates the heat from the eight "enhanced performance" cores by carrying coolant through pipes to a  cooling grill placed behind large fans. The solution works much like a car's radiator and the amount of power consumed by the cooling system itself, says Boxx, is very low.

While Boxx's Apexx 4 and Apexx 8 systems are designed for creative activities that require large memory footprints combined with massive parallel processing capacity and large storage bandwidth, the Special Edition 3DBoxx is designed to provide high-level performance within the dual-processor form factor.

Boxx sees the system fitting into workflows that frequently use complex effects or need to pre-render complex scenes or objects that can delay creative work. The Special Edition is also designed for CPU-intense simulations of atmospheric effects, such as rain, fog and water, or for hair, fur, and muscle and skin behavior.