Issue: April 1, 2002


NEW YORK - Basing its concept on the bouncing pens of a polygraph machine, Click 3x ( designed and produced a graphics package for The Truth About Men We Love, an Oxygen television special exploring the male psyche. Designer Evelyn Lim developed the concept and applied it to the main title, logo and background graphics.

The main title opens with a close-up of an analog polygraph machine, its four needle-like pens tracing thin lines on a ribbon of chart paper. The pens waver, as if in response to a fib, to trace out the words to a series of questions. Why are men so competitive? Why don't they call after a good date? Why do men cheat? The center pen then writes out the show title and logo: a hand with crossed fingers.

The production team for both projects included CG animators Anthony Filipakis and Kristen Pedersen, After Effects artist Dave DiMeola, Inferno artist Bryce Barros and producer Alicia Powers.