Issue: February 1, 2002

Soup Surprise

NEW YORK - A new Campbell's Soup spot saw an unexpected change to the storyboard after much of its footage was destroyed at the lab. Art was conceived by BBDO, and plays off of the popular Warhol piece depicting the company's soup can.

Off screen, voices at a gallery reflect on "color," "sophistication" and "warmth." As the angle whirls around, viewers see that the museum's security guards are actually commenting on their bowls of Campbell's tomato soup.

Editing Concepts' ( Renny Maslow assembled the available footage to help determine what director Bob Giraldi of Giraldi/Suarez would have to re-shoot. In doing so, Giraldi was able to reimagine the spot, finishing with long, slow, pristinely composed takes.

The lack of music and a sparse sound design track supported the deliberately drawn out takes.

Color correction was handled by Milan Boncich at the Anx, with Jay Tilin onlining the spot. Tom Jucarone at Sound Lounge in New York handled the final mix.